Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Payment options

What are my payment options?

The following payment methods are available for your online shop order: 1. Credit card payments can be made with your Master Card or Visa Card. Your order will require the card number, card verification code, expiration date and name of the credit card holder. Your credit card will be charged upon completion of the order when we ship the goods to you. 2. PayPal: You pay the invoice amount through the online provider PayPal. For this you must be registered or create an account with PayPal prior to ordering. You will be asked to verify your access data and confirm the payment order to us. Simply follow the steps of the ordering process. 3. Payment in advance: If you pay in advance, Wellensteyn will provide you with bank account details in the order confirmation. As soon as the amount due has been received, the goods will be shipped. The bank details are: Recipient: Wellensteyn International GmbH & Co. KG. Bank account: Hamburger Sparkasse, IBAN: DE77 2005 0550 1238 1204 20, BIC: HASP DE HH XXX4. Cash on delivery: This option is only available in Germany. There are no additional costs for shipping. You pay the purchase price upon receipt of the goods directly upon delivery by UPS.

Warranty & exchange or return

What is the procedure should I need to exchange or return an article?

If you have purchased the goods directly through our online shop (, you can of course make use of your right to cancel or reverse the transaction; provided that the purchased item is unworn and the product label was not removed. You will need to ad here to the cancelation policy and deadline. For this you can comfortably use the cancellation form provided to you with your order. The 14-day cancellation period begins at the latest upon receipt of the goods at the specified delivery address. For the return of the goods please use the following address: Wellensteyn International GmbH & Co. KG. Return of goods / Returns department road. Please note that we always ship our goods free of charge to you. For this reason, in accordance with our terms and conditions and our cancellation policy, the direct costs of returning the goods, including the cost of shipping packages and the possible costs of transport packaging will be paid by you, the purchaser. Upon receipt of the goods, when desired, we will replace the article with a different size or model. If you do not want an exchange, we will refund the purchase price. If you have purchased the goods through a Wellensteyn Store or specialty retailer, please contact them directly with your request.

What is my prodedure should my purchase be defektive?

Within the standard warranty period, you can claim goods as follows: Goods purchased from Wellensteyn Stores or specialty retailers: If you have a complaint, please contact the store or retailer directly and present proof of purchase. Goods purchased via the Wellensteyn online shop: Complaint requests are processed directly by our customer service in Norderstedt upon presentation of proof of purchase.

What is the procedure should I no longer have a receipt as proof of purchase?

In general, it is not possible for us to accept complaints or the return of goods without proof of purchase. So please, take good care to store your receipt and make a copy if necessary. Proof of purchase is required in all cases of complaint or theft for the insurance. If you have purchased the goods via the Wellensteyn online shop and have lost your receipt, please contact customer service in Norderstedt directly.

What do I do if my Wellensteyn retailer is no longer in business?

If the item you have purchased is still within the warranty period and you have proof of purchase, we suggest that you first provide us with additional information to investigate the matter. Please include the name of the retailer, the date of purchase and your specific complaint. Please feel free to contact customer service in Norderstedt directly.


Can I order accessories such as hoods, belts or bags separately?

Due to the varying color of our fabrics in the respective production batches, it is unfortunately almost impossible for us to provide a comprehensive supply of accessories and store them. However, we can currently offer you a replacement belt for ladies in the color black from our material Rainbow AirTec. We have this available in sizes M and XL. These are easy to order via our homepage.

Are zippers, buttons, buckles and other small parts included in the warranty?

Of course, the warranty also applies to these parts, provided that the degree of stress and wear of these parts is within the scope of the intended use. Please contact your Wellensteyn Store or retailer where you purchased the product with a detailed description of your complaint. It will then be determined whether an on-site repair at your dealer is possible, or if the goods need to be sent in for repair. If you have purchased the product via the Wellensteyn online shop (, please contact customer service directly.

Where and how can I have Wellensteyn articles repaired?

As long as your Wellensteyn product is still within the warranty period, please contact your Wellensteyn store directly or the specialty retailer from whom you purchased the goods. They will determine if repair is possible.
Should the warranty period be expired,Wellensteyn does not currently offer a repair service. If you have purchased the goods through the Wellensteyn online store (, please contact customer service directly. For our customers from the Wellensteyn Stores in the Gänsemarkt Passage in Hamburg, the factory outlet and the Wellensteyn online shop, we also offer the opportunity to send or bring items within the warranty period directly to customer service:

Wellensteyn International GmbH & Co. KG
Returned goods / Returns Department
Mühlenweg 150
22844 Norderstedt.
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Please submit garments in a clean condition, if possible and include a description of your complaint.

Spare parts outside the warranty

The Wellensteyn mono-label stores always have a selection of the most common spare parts available. You can find the Wellensteyn mono-label store near you on our homepage.

Safety when buying online

How secure is it to buy Wellensteyn products from online shops or online auction platforms?

Due to the high desirability of our brand and despite all efforts, it is not possible to completely prevent imitations. Original Wellensteyn jackets and other clothing and accessories can be found at our authorized retailers and on our homepage in the usual high quality and sophisticated service expected. Please note that when acquiring products of unknown origin, you are taking a risk regarding originality and quality of your purchase as well as the associated warranty. In addition, purchasing an imitation can lead to significant legal consequences.

How do I recognize faked websites?

It is often attempted to cheat Wellensteyn customers of their money with counterfeit websites. The buyer is at risk of receiving either no or counterfeit goods. The pursuit of such criminals is mostly unsuccessful as the individual behind the scheme is rarely identifiable.
How can you recognize such a fraudulent site? Generally the imprint is missing and the German text is often interspersed with grammatically incorrect German and English text fragments. The logos are often falsified or of poor quality. We strongly recommend you buy directly from our homepage, our specialty retailers or the Wellensteyn stores.

How safe is my personal information during the ordering process?

To ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands, it is encrypted before being transferred to our server during the ordering process. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method, which is one of the safest and most common methods on the Internet. You should check for and use a secure connection during the ordering process; recognizable by the letters "https" in the address bar.

Stores and retailers

Is there a factory outlet in Norderstedt?

Yes, you will find our factory outlet here: Wellensteyn Werksverkauf, Mühlenweg 150, 22844 Norderstedt. Phone: +49 (0)40-30985930,Fax: +49 (0)40-30985939. Opening hours: Mo.-Fr. 10:00-18:30 and Sa. 10:00-14:00

How can I find a Wellensteyn Store or specialty retailer located near me?

Use our storefinder to locate the store nearest to you.

Who do I contact if I am interested in opening a Wellensteyn Store or would like to sell Wellensteyn products?

Send us an email to: Please include a short decription of the planned location as well as yourself including contact information. We will contact you as quickly as possible.

Availability of jackets

How can I determine if my desired jacket is currently deliverable?

You can check the availability of your favourite Wellensteyn jacket at any time in the Products section of our website. Size information with a black background is available for immediate delivery, size information with a grey background is not. The information is adjusted daily to the stock so that you are always up to date. However, we do not keep up-to-date statistics on the current stock levels of the Wellensteyn stores and the specialist trade. You can use our store finder to find the contact details of our dealers, who will be happy to give you direct information about their stocks.

Sponsoring and donations

How do I make a sponsorship or donation request?

Due to the flood of inquiries that reach us every day, we have committed ourselves to specific events, clubs and groups within the scope of sponsoring and donations-in-kind in order to be able to support specific projects. Please understand that until further notice, we will not be able to accept any further sponsorship requests.


How do I wash my Wellensteyn jacket?

All our jackets can be washed with a standard mild detergent at 30°C delicates. We recommend liquid detergent. Please also note the following care instructions for your Wellensteyn jacket:
We recommend always washing the jacket inside out, with all zips and velcro fastenings closed. Be sure to remove any detachable faux fur from the hood, sleeves and collar before washing. These can be washed separately on the gentle cycle with a little detergent or by hand and shaken out after drying. Washing instructions can also be found on the sewn-in care label in the inside pocket of your jacket.
Please note that our jackets must not be treated with fabric softener, dry-cleaned, or bleached. Please never use the iron on your jacket. Textiles with intense colors may have excess color. Therefore, we recommend that you wash the jacket before wearing it for the first time.

Can I treat my jacket with a waterproofing solution when the repellent effect wears off?

Our waterproof models get their function due to your special processing and your membrane.
The so-called pearl effect wears off after repeated washing, partly also due to frequent wearing in heavy rain. Penetration of moisture to the skin is prevented by the incorporated membrane, only the outer fabric absorbs the moisture. The waterproofness remains, and a subsequent impregnation is possible.

How can spots best be removed on functional clothing?

Conventional stain removers can affect the functionality of the material. That is why it is best to use liquid detergent and apply them to the stain in the concentrated form before washing.

What should I take into account when cleaning a down jacket?

Please follow the symbols on the care label and wash your down jacket separately. Use only special down detergents. Dry your down jacket flat, being sure to shake the filling several times during the dying process. Make sure your down Jacket is completely dry before storing to prevent rotting.

Statistical charge

How do I prevent the static charging of my Wellensteyn jacket?

The lining used in our sleeves and shoulder areas is designed to facilitate entry into the sleeve as well as to prevent the jacket from slipping when opened. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a patent remedy against static charge. If necessary, an anti-static spray can help you to resolve this issue, however, we must point out that due to the lack of experience with such sprays, we cannot guarantee against damage or staining.

Waterproofness, breathability and thermal behaviour

What do we mean by waterproofness / water column?

The water column symbolizes the water pressure that a material endures before water penetrates it. The indication of the water tightness of materials is usually in mmWS (millimeter water column). Almost all our models are water repellent; many of them are even waterproof. Waterproofness is created next to the membrane by so-called taped seams, which prevent the penetration of water at the seams. For technical reasons, taped seams cannot be used in all models, such as quilted jackets. Since we offer both highly fashionable models and very robust jackets for work, we recommend that you check the care label of your jacket, located in the inside pocket. Here you will find more information about the functions of your Wellensteyn jacket. Unfortunately, we cannot give any specific information on the water resistance and water vapor permeability of our individual models, as we are constantly developing our designs and fabrics to improve functionality. Please note that the waterproofness of your jacket can be negatively influenced due to improper cleaning, e.g. through the use of fabric softener.

What do we mean by breathability / water vapor penetration?

The breathability / water vapor transmission is an important criterion in waterproof clothing. The water vapor transmission is reported as the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) in g / m² / 24h. This value indicates how much water vapor (in grams per 24 hours) evaporates through one square meter of fabric. The larger the MVTR value, the better the water vapor transmission and thus the breathability. Under extreme conditions, the body can release up to ten times the normal amount of sweat resulting in up to two liters per hour. Even with highly breathable functional textiles, the limit can be quickly reached. In damp and warm weather with temperatures above 15 ° C, the functionality of the climate membranes can be limited. Since we offer both highly fashionable models and very robust jackets for work, we recommend that you look into the care label of your jacket, located in the inside pocket. Here you will find more information about the functions of your Wellensteyn jacket. Please note that the breathability of a product is always subjective based on the sensitivity of the wearer.

What do we mean by individual thermal sensation?

Whether a jacket keeps you warm even at low temperatures depends first and foremost on your individual feeling of thermal sensation. Here every human being is fundamentally different. Therefore, there can be no explicit answer to temperature data in this respect for the time being. We recommend a personal consultation by our specialized trade.

Size & fitting

How do I find the right size for my desired jacket?

If possible, we recommend that you try our products at a Wellensteyn store and then purchase them there. Our stores offer you the widest possible choice of models and sizes as well as expert advice. The current measurement tables on our website serve as a suggested guideline.

How do I choose the right model and the right colour for my desired jacket?

Due to the variety of models, we recommend that you try on our models at a Wellensteyn store as far as possible and buy them there. Our stores offer you the largest possible selection of models and sizes as well as expert advice. The Jacket Finder on our website will help you.